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Drill, Drive, DONE!



Pocket Hole Joinery in its’ simplest terms is drilling a hole at an angle into one workpiece and then joining it to a second workpiece with a self-tapping screw. This technique was actually invented by the Egyptians as they clamped two workpieces together and then bored a hole at an angle from one workpiece into the second workpiece. They then inserted a dowel with some glue and cut it off flush with the surface. This technique continued to evolve over the years into two main joinery methods, doweling and more recently, pocket hole joinery. The modern pocket hole joint grew in popularity with the creation of the self-tapping screw in the 1980’s which eliminated the need to drill into the second workpiece altogether.

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Kreg Jigs - K4 Master System


The system is geared towards the woodworking enthusiast looking to start a project and get it done both quickly and efficiently.  The kit is ideal for new Kreg users and will complement your current woodworking system.

Face Clamp, Portabel Base, Drill Guide Spacer, Material Support Stop, Dust Collection Attachment, Spacer Block, 3/8” Step Quick Change Drill Bit, 6” and 3” Quick Change Square Driver, Starter Screw Set, Starter Plug Set, Quick-Start Guide, and Skillbuilder DVD, all inside a durable carry case.

K4 Master System in Action

R3 Kreg Jig


This amazing repair jig is a handy addition to any tool collection which let's you work where you need it most.  Portable and durable, this tool turns tedious household repairs into quick and easy 5 minute jobs.

R3 Kreg Jig, Clamp Adapter, Stepped Drill Bit, 6” Driver Bit, Depth Collar, Allen Wrench, Starter Screw Set, Instruction Manual, all inside a compact and durable carry case.



Deck Jig


Whether you are building a new deck or refinishing an old one, the Kreg Deck Jig will get you the perfect finished project without exposed fasteners.  Traditional concealed decking systems use awkward steel fasteners or thin plastic clips to hold your deck boards in place. The Kreg Deck Jig’s straight forward approach create’s incredibly strong wood-to-wood bonds through precisely placed self tapping screws.

Deck Jig, Instructional DVD, 100 Protec-Kote Deck screws (rust resistant) Deck Jig Drill Bit, 6” KTX Square Driver Bit, (3) 5/16” Spacer Rings, (3) ¼” Spacer Rings 2 Stop Collars, 1 Allan Wrench, and a durable carry case.


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