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Changing the Shape of Things

Description of Manufacturer


CAMaster CNC is a leader in the manufacturing of CNC Routers. We offer many machine sizes and options to help you make the best choice for your shop. Our machines are built and serviced by us from our location in Cartersville, GA. We have made every effort to bring to the market a CNC machine that has as many made in the USA components as we can.

The Cobra CNC Router is a great addition to almost any shop. With standard features that make it easy to use the Cobra will soon be the most used tool in you own. The Cobra also has a wide range of options that can help set your business apart from the competition. Built on a solid frame and using the best parts is why the Cobra is such a sought after investment for today's shops

Standard Machine Specifications

  • 6'X9' Foot Cutting Area (2750mm x 1830mm)
  • Dual Drive System – Two Servo Motors on X-Axis
  • 10Hp (8.5Kw) HSD ES 929 Spindle Auto Tool Changer
  • 10 Position Automatic Tool Changer
  • 10 Iso 30 Cones and collets of various sizes (Customer to Advise)
  • Z-Axis Automatic Tool Length Sensor
    Hiwin Linear Bearings and Rails on All Axes – Self Lubricating for 12 Months
  • Dust Extraction Foot and dust hood for Easy Hook up
  • 25.4mm Phenolic Table Top Routed for Vacuum
  • Pop-Up Locator Pins
  • Limit Switches on All Axes with Computer controlled Soft Limits
  • Industrial Welded Frame with Powder Coated Finish
  • 45m/Min Rapid Travel Speed
  • Windows Computer With 19” (48cm) Flat Panel Monitor
  • VisualCNC, Windows PC-Based CNC Control System
  • 18Hp Regen Vacuum Pump with Relief Valve and Filters
  • 4 Individually Selectable Vacuum Zones
  • Dust Extraction 3 Horsepower 1926 CFM with 35 Gallon Drum
  • 200mm Z-Travel
  • Repeatability 0.05mm

For information, click here

2750 x 1830 ATC Running Trough Machine Testing
Plasma-Router Combination Machine
Automatic Tool Change and Sample Job

Cobra Series Router


CAMaster’s flagship is the Cobra Series CNC. The Cobra is a truly versatile industrial Router. The best part of the Cobra CNC Router is that it is extremely affordable. The Cobra, like all CAMaster’s products, is built by us in the USA and is backed by the industries best warranty and CAMaster’s unparalleled support.   

CAMaster has designed the Cobra Series to stand out against the competition. The difference can be easily seen in the Cobra’s industrial welded steel frame. The heavy frame gives the Cobra the rigidity that other machines may lack. CAMaster also enlists Hiwin linear bearings & rails on all axes of the Cobra. Teknic Servo System this gives the Cobra a smooth and responsive movement. The Cobra Series boasts an industrial controller powered by WinCNC. This platform gives the Cobra a stable working environment allowing CAMaster the tools to use the full potential of our Remote Technician Support. 

The Cobra comes loaded with standard features other companies view as add-ons. Although the Cobra does come from the factory as a complete package, CAMaster offers many upgrades. Some of the options available are The X3, The Recoil (4th Axis), Spindles, Vacuum hold down, ATC, and many more.

Cobra CNC Routers offer a rugged, affordable CNC solution for businesses of all sizes. They are perfect for nested-based manufacturing of cabinets, for sign making, woodworking, fabrication of solid surface materials, 3D machining and prototyping, and much, much more. Are you concerned about the availability of continued service and support after the sale? Cobra routers are a sure fit for discerning buyers like you. Cobra CNC Routers are backed by CAMaster’s impeccable record of service and support and a friendly and knowledgeable support staff. Cobra CNC Routers are easy to operate with a windows based human-machine-interface (HMI) allowing even the least experienced person to start cutting parts in under an hour. Skeptical? Arrange a demonstration and come see for yourself.

 Cobra routers come equipped with the best warranty in the industry, which covers any defects in material or workmanship for a period of two years after the date of purchase. In addition, there are extended warranty and service contracts available to meet your needs for years to come.

Cobra Features

  • Industrial Welded Steel Construction
  • Powder Coated Finish
  • 3.0 kw HSD High Frequency Spindle
  • Teknic Closed Loop Servo System
  • Heavy Duty Hiwin Rails & Bearings
  • 8" Useable Gantry Clearance
  • Automatic Z Tool Measure
  • E-Stop
  • Limit Switches on all Axes
  • Windows Control PC with flat panel monitor with WinCNC Control Software
  • Fully Assembled
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Remote Technician Support
  • Made in the USA

Cobra Specs

  • Rapid Speed - 1800 ipm This determines the travel speed when the cutter is out of the material and moving to the next cut position.
  • Cut Speed - 600 ipm This determines the rate of travel you can achieve during your cuts**
  • 3.0 kw (4 HP) HSD High Frequency Spindle* 3 Phase 230V Power (Ask us how this spindle can run on single phase power)
  • Resolution - .0005"
  • Repeatability - +/- .002"
  • Cut Force - In excess of 200 lbs. This is the force at the bit at normal operating cut speed.
  • Z Height - 8" *
  • Z Travel - 11" *
  • Code - Reads Industry Standard G-Code
  • Cobra Series Power Requirements 

* This Option can be Upgraded from the factory

** The Tool being used and material being cut will determine the Feed rate needed to achieve a good Chip Load.

Cobra Options


Each Cobra Series Router is supplied with a choice of industry 
leading Vectric Aspire or Enroute Software.

Read more about Aspire software here

Read more about Enroute software here


Cobra X3 Option:

One of the more noticeable options to the Cobra Series is CAMaster's X3 option. Exclusively available on the Cobra the X3 gives you the ability to use 3 tools in one file without the need of changing tools. This is accomplished by using 2 side mounted routers that are pneumatically actuated. The WinCNC control software keeps up with the position offsets. All the Cobra X3 needs is a T command from your CAD/CAM software to perform its less than 5 sec. tool change.

The X3 gives the Cobra a tool changing option at a fraction of the cost of an automatic tool changing spindle. The side mounted routers are intended for light to moderate routing needs. (drilling, dados, rabbits, engraving, carving, & more) The center high frequency spindle is intended for the more demanding jobs and can be upgraded if necessary.


Cobra Recoil Option:

CAMaster's Recoil Indexing Lathe makes the Cobra Series Router a dual threat. Truly two machines in one the Cobra's overhanging gantry design allows the Lathe feature to be mounted on the side and not up on the table. This allows for easy changes from your cut in the round parts back to flat sheet stock. The Recoil Option for the Cobra Series Routers will accommodate a 96" long part with up to 12" diameter.

Customers with the Recoil Lathe attachment on there Cobra Routers have done 3D figures, Custom Bed Post, Corbels, Columns, Baseball Bats, Table Legs, & Mantels.

The Cobra Recoil partnered with the Auto Tool Changing Option makes for a very versatile machine that will help you offer more options to your clients.

3D Lathe Demonstration

Spindle Options:

  • Downgrade to a 3.25 HP Porter Cable 110V
  • 7.0 KW SEV/HSD Comes with line reactor and VFD single or 3PH 220V
  • 5 HP Colombo with line reactor and VFD single or 3PH 220V
  • 5 HP Colombo ATC with line reactor and VFD single or 3PH 220V, 5 Tool holders standard
  • 10 HP Colombo ATC with line reactor and VFD single or 3PH 220V, 5 Tool holders standard
  • 5 HP HSD ATC with line reactor and VFD single or 3PH 220V, 5 Tool holders standard
  • 10 HP HSD ATC with line reactor and VFD single or 3PH 220V, 5 Tool holders standard
  • And More

Table Top Options:

  • Sealed MDF with Vacuum Grid
  • Aluminum T-Slot Table Top with Clamps
  • T-Slot Track System with Clamps
  • Phenolic Table Top with Vacuum Grid
  • Aluminum Table Top with Vacuum Grid



Vacuum Options:

CAMaster is a proud distributor of,

  • Becker Pumps
  • Busch Pumps & Blowers
  • FPZ Blowers
  • Garner Denver Pumps & Blowers

Cobra Sizes

CR-404 48" X 48"
CR-408 48" X 96"
CR-508 60" X 96"
CR-510 60" X 120"

Listed is our most common sizes. CAMaster will however built a Cobra Series Router to best suit the needs of you the end user. We have built Cobra Routers as small as 2' X 3' up to 5' X 16' cut areas, to fit the requirements of the customers. If you need a custom quote please let us know.

Other Cobra Options are:

Digitizing Probe

Drill Banks

Mister Systems for cutting Aluminum ect...


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