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Value-Added Woodworking Machinery Solutions



While some manufacturers focus design on "cost optimized" solutions, Doucet's own guiding principle is to develop and market products that are user friendly, durable and that will remain serviceable throughout their useful life. We offer a broad variety of platforms and models, designed to suit your application very precisely. Most of our equipments are "built-to-order", in just a few weeks, allowing you to adopt the most efficient return solution with the smallest possible footprint.

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Panel Sequencer for Edgebander

ESB Sequencer for Edgebanders


The Panel Sequencer Model ESB increases the productivity of edgebanders, Shapers-sanders, tenoners... right from the start.

Doucet's ESB allows the operator to stage several panels in its bottom feed magazine. Panels are released automatically as soon as the preceding one clears the "no feed zone" on your Edgebander, or fed end-to-end on your Shaper-Sander.

  • Its feed sequence is automatically controlled by a photocell into a PLC
  • Its feed speed is adjustable by a variable speed drive
  • Its feed hopper offers a reserve capacity up to 12" thick or up to a maximum of 150 lb.
  • Sequencing of panels fed lengthwise is fully automatic
  • The ESB requires a 110 v.a.c. 15 amp. service
  • No compressed air is required



Lateral Chain Feeder for Moulders


The Doucet Lateral Chain Feeder Model MF is designed for continuous feed up tp 300 feet per minute of fixed or random length pieces into a moulder or a rip saw.


  • On the feed table, boards are automatically placed along the feed line by perpendicular strands of C2060 chains.
  • A pneumatic system retracts chain carriage when the feeder is filled to capacity thus preventing unnecessary friction on material.
  • Boards are automatically driven in sequence by four hydraulically powered rolls, two top side and two under side.

Standard Features

  • 36 inch feed table length
  • Feed table width 6, 8, 12 or 16 feet
  • 4" by 4" welded steel main frame
  • Standard working height 32" to 36"
  • Additional non motorized idler rolls support boards during feeding
  • Individual hydraulic motors for the two top drive rolls
  • Semi-automatic adjusting pneumatic fence, according to board width
  • Easy to access thickness adjustment at the front of the feeder
  • Tool less adjustment handles for quick set-ups
  • Easy speed adjustments for fed and chain speed, by hydraulic flow control valves
  • Interface relay to stop feeder when moulder is stopped
  • Feeder control on a pedestal with extended cable for ease of operation
  • Adjustable fence (3/8")

Sequencer for Moulders


The MF-100 is a compact and efficient feeding system that enables you to optimize the productivity of your Moulding operation. With the MF-100, you operator keeps up with feeding the moulder end-to-end with spare time on hand to perform other functions. By teaming up the MF-100 with a Doucet MR Return Conveyor for Moulder, you obtain a self contained workcell where one operator stages blanks, handles returned mouldings and controls quality.

Suitable for applications with a feed rate up to 100 feet per minute.

Operation Principle

Built on a standalone table positioned in the continuation of the moulder's feed table, the MF-100 Modular Feeding System features two hydraulically powered feed wheels on the moulder's fence side, two pneumatically actuated idler wheels facing the powered wheels above, vertical brackets designed to hold a stack of parts, a front gate designed to allow only the bottom part to feed forward. The basic lumber support table is 36" long, it is extendable to suit your application

The first powered feed wheel is positioned outside the hopper zone, closer to the moulder. It maintains the forward pressure and closes the gap every time a new piece is engaged. The second powered feed wheel is positioned immediately inside the hopper area on the feeder's table. The operating sequence, controlled by PLC allows for momentary release of the squeezing pressure between the second powered and idler wheels, allowing new boards to come into feed position.

Material Specifications

  • Lumber length 16" min. up to 16' max. (extended support table required over 60")
  • Lumber thickness: 3/4" to 2"
  • Lumber width: 1 ½" to 9"

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