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Global experts in wood finishes

Description of Manufacturer


Becker Acroma covers the spectrum of the global wood finishing industry - home furniture, office furniture, kitchen and baths, flooring, joinery, exteriors and board.

With over 140 years’ experience in wood finishing, Becker Acroma’s knowledge is unrivalled. But the company does not stand still; our chemists are continually developing innovative new products.

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Acid Catalysed


Our acid catalysed coatings are suitable for a wide variety of applications and are available in a range of solid contents, allowing flexibility to achieve the solvent emissions directive legislation.

For advice on meeting VOC legislation or further guidance on products and application, talk to Becker Acroma or your local distributor.

Our experience with all types of equipment and different wood-based substrates is vast and we continually research environmental issues and legislation guidelines.

Product codes:


General white primer - DF2011
Standard topcoat - DH2002
Low-yellowing finish - DH2011


General use lacquer - DM2003
Severe use medium solids - DM2132
Severe use high solids - DM2111




For years Becker Acroma has been leading research and development in the area of waterborne lacquers and paints - driven by our concern for the environment.

We devote our resources to finding environmentally-adapted solutions that offer the same characteristics and qualities of conventional, solventborne solutions.

Our R&D facility in Märsta Sweden provides a full line production facility for testing new products and applications with our customers.

Lacroma Clear (EM1520)

Our latest product, Lacroma Clear, is a revolutionary water-based lacquer, which offers exceptional clarity and durability, plus fast drying times from just 15 minutes!  

Lacroma Clear can be used alone or as part of a hybrid system with AC and PU lacquers, to which it has excellent adhesion.  It is available in six gloss levels from Ultra Matt to Ultra Gloss, allowing the latest trend finishes to be easily achieved.  It is perfect for use on all types of furniture, giving great clarity on even the darkest substrates.




UV Curing


UV curing products cure almost instantly, produce exceptionally durable surfaces and have excellent stacking qualities. They are also safer to handle than conventional solutions when handled correctly.

And that’s just for starters.

In their basic format all of our UV curing products are solvent-free, which is good news for indoor and outdoor environments, while you save time in cleaning up after a production run.

At Becker Acroma we are developing new application technology to widen the application of UV curing products. These new developments include sprayable and pigmented paint UV products that broaden our customer’s scope for dreaming up and making new products. And getting them to market quicker.

Let us help you to make the switch and open new doors.



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