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CNC Wall Saw

CNC Wall Saw - Elcon


The ADVANCE²QUADRA is the world’s first vertical automatic beam saw. The operator can realise fully programmable cutting patterns with only one button, from rough panels to final product sizes.


Advance clamping system for horizontal and vertical cutting to size in one course
Lifting of the panels for the bottom reference cut and for strip cutting from the bottom, allowing strips to be cut to size without taking them of the machine and bringing them back on for temporary stocking in between.
Automatic cutting cycle horizontal and vertical
Pre-programmed and fully automatic operation of the movements of the saw-unit into the panel, the cutting travel, out of the panel and return to the starting position, for both the horizontal and vertical cutting cycle.
Automatic shifting backframe
To prevent damaging the support strip when cutting horizontally, the backframe is automatically lifted when the saw blade is at the height of one of the strips
Double bearing bottom rollers, with pneumatic panel clamp and panel turn over possibility
For transport of heavy panels or a package of panels simultaneously, every meter-section 5 aluminium rollers are provided. A pneumatic clamp, that can be activated from the control panel, prevents that panels on the transportrollers move while cutting. In this way also light and thin panels can be cut accurately.In order to rotate bigger panels, the distance between 2 of the bottom rollers is chosen such that a panel can be turned very easily.
Easy to use Touchscreen
Easy dummyproof touch screen for entering all possible cutting cycles. Programmable in different languages.
Failure diagnosis
Location of possible failures by easy accesible LED display
Free adjustable length of saw-course
The length of the cutting travel for both the horizontal and the vertical cutting cycle can be pre-programmed to the length and the height of the panel.
Heavy, self-rigid carrying guidance modules
600 x 100 mm rectangular steel casing for free standing machine frame, with tension-free hardened steelbar guidance module for horizontal travel.
No special floor needed
Completely self-rigid and free standing construction of basic framework.
Pneumatic locking of saw-unit at working height, with fine adjustment
Setting of the measures for horizontal cutting, independent of the height of the position, always at eye level, with micrometric adjustment for fine tuning.
Pneumatic plunging of saw-unit
Easy movement of the saw-unit in and out of the panel, also when sawing in higher cutting positions
Precision within DIN 875/1 (0.1 mm.)
Contact-free aligned hardened steelbar guidance for horizontal travel,from precision template.
Programming rail for repetitive dimensions
Manual programming rail, for setting 5 different horizontal fixed measures.
Quadra programmable pusher-clamp for panel sizing over both axis
Completely free programmable system for cutting-to-size panels directly into final measures. By just pressing one button, the operator controls the full cycle of saw positioning, panel positioning and cutting over both axis, including bottom and left-side reference cuts.
Robust, fine-adjustable measuring stop
Heavy cast iron flip-stop with micrometric adjustment for vertical cuts, on 30 mm steelbar guidance.
Standard equipped with 4 kW motor (s6)
The D-range is from standard equipped with a powerfull 4 kW (S6) motor.


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Wall Saw Running in Automatic Mode



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