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Systematic Surface and Exhaust Air Purification Expertise

Description of Manufacturer


Dust-free lacquer/paint application of almost all materials. 

In line with the varying customer requirements. Venjakob offers a wide range of spray painting machine lines for the processing of almost all paint/lacquer systems, such as Hydro, Laser, Softfeeling, glass and UV. 

Whether three-dimensional small parts or a large surface, from a narrow moulding to a long tube: it is the surface quality which is decisive for how the product is experienced by the user or consumer.  

The type and number of spray guns can be selected depending on the paint/lacquer system and the solvent based lacquers/paints as well as the targeted quality.

All machines can be equipped and varied with different conveying and drying systems

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Ven-Spray Perfect Demonstration

Ven Spray Smart


The effective entry solution in spray coating

This stand-alone solution is designed to meet flexible production requirements and can be used for solvent and water based paints. This spray painting machine is both economical and environmentally friendly. It can optionally be equipped with a belt cleaning system and/or a paper transport belt. This makes it especially attractive for smaller companies to replace manual painting.

Further machine characteristics:

  • Material saving and low cleaning requirement:
  • The machine is immediately operational (no installation time)
  • Operator friendly and low maintenance
  • Roller conveyor at the infeed and outfeed of the machine
  • One or two paint supply circuits
  • Gun drive with high-performance linear axis
  • Dry filter extraction system
  • Air supply ventilator with filter
  • Infinitely variable throughfeed speed
  • Switch cabinet with SIEMENS PLC controls
  • Touch panel for machine operation/control
  • Low operating costs
  • Dust removal system (optional)
  • Process reliability
  • Reproducible results
  • Small footprint

Technical Data:

Working width:               1,300 mm,
Working height:              920-960 mm,
Feed speed:                    2-4 m /min.
Exhaust air volume:        7,000 m³/h,
Supply voltage approx.:  9.6 kW/ 12 A,



Ven Spray Perfect


With its VEN SPRAY PERFECT Venjakob has the innovative answer to all requirements encountered in the market.

Based on decades of know-how in the realisation of high-performance spray painting plants, it is the flexibility of this new generation that convinces.

The following is a summary of plant advantages and features:

  • Investment reliability thanks to modularity
  • Paint compatibility
  • Systematic paint recovery
  • Low production idle runs
  • Short paint change times
  • Perfect painting result
  • Resource saving, economical and ecological

In the long term, the modular system takes into account all production requirements. At the time of machine purchase, its concept realises all variants, from 'one off' orders through to large series production in the high-end range.

The modular concept permits implementation of changing framework conditions at any point in time by retrofitting new modules, thereby making your investment future-proof.


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